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Monday, January 9, 2012

Let me know all YOU can about BLOGGING I'm open for now.....

Hi Guys,

Had a great short week-end, but loving my class!!!@#$%&*

This is the very first B-L-O-G I ever posted and ever formed. I love my background and all but still trying to figure out many things....when there is not too much to know. It seems like a short website to me with friends giving you a short note!

I know what I want to learn about my new BLOG. I want to be able to let people ask me questions on my BLOG and I answer their questions. That's all I desire for it!

So I guess that's enough of that!!!

I had to take an all day Saturday job just to make my ends over-meet....meaning I wanted extra $ (ching, ching!!) YEAH..whew...

Well ladies and gents enjoying a good day....eeerrrrr evening.


  1. your blog looks very nice, i like the fact that you are very open with your personal info thank you for sharing.

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  3. This is a very nice blog, and for your first one I think it looks amazing. I love the colors and the way it looks.
    I hope you can get a blog on your website, and can't wait to see it. :)

  4. You will soon be a blogging pro, just stay close and listen to the pros.


    You will learn widgets, apps, and plug-ins that will allow your blog to have life. One day, I will show you the possibilities!!! There are many plugins that will allow you to achieve discussions like you want.


  5. I really admire your open minded approach to learning more about blogging. And before you know it, you'll be soaring without any guidance, thanks to some guidance!!

  6. You are very descriptive in your details even though its your first time blogging. You seem like a person who has a very friendly character and it will be fun making friends with you. I know at the end of this month you will have learned all there is to know about making your own blog and dreamweaver/web design. I also like the background picture you put of the lion at the bottom of this page. You know which pic to choose for a background.