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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keep Posting Sarah!!!

Better late than never guys!!!

Flash have not been a real religious experience, but I have to admit it is very detailed, much to remember, codes, icons, buttons, etc.....

The frames, layers, timelines, and all is all it makes a great FLASH!

I had fun making my Crazy Lady Flash Animation....Mrs. Jones have been great
teaching me and patient...thanks.

All of my class mates have been great. 


  1. Your Crazy Lady Flash Animation was really cool. I really liked how the girl looked, all the color in her hair and clothes.

    You are doing really well in this class, keep it up.

  2. Your crazy lady was absolutely phenomenal. You have such a will to learn, it's amazing!

  3. You always make me smile coming up with some unusual things. Originality is awesome and girl you got it!